Hitchhiker's Revenge 

Level 1- Get ride with Semi truck. Driver gives you BB gun to shoot spiders in the tow. Shoot spiders jumping out of cargo.

Driver gives you chicken.

2- Find old truck with chicken cages. Ride in back and shoot hounds chasing from Dr. Horus' mansion until you are out of the farmland.

3- At truck stop, find $10 in cans (a few at a time, some hidden), and perform CPR on trucker diner customer.

4- Zombies took over the town. Kill them all. Ride out with a woman in a convertable.

5- Car is broken down. Walk into town to get parts. Kill rattlesnakes and demonic raves with rocks and found slingshot.

6- Ride in semi truck. Get on roof and shoot obstacles in front of the path and shoot pirate car attackers. Driver gives gold coins.

7- Spend gold coins at haunted motel. Fight vampire hookers, ghosts and goblins.

8- Hitch ride withband on tour bus. Be a roadie, carry equipment, throw beers at insane drunk fans and hit zombie biker gangs with poool sticks and darts.

9- Catch ride with wounded sherrif prisoner bus. They are running away from crimi8nal police. Throw fire bombs, seats and caging, and shoot pistols at the enemies from the sides and rear of the bus.

10- Find a cab that will take you for99 cents, a ball of pocket lint, an old watch and a box of cookies. Use an old broom out the window to push off on-coming trash and debri from dump truck, shoot green flash light at the stop lights to change them, (cab has no breaks), when cab slows down, change the tire, shoot spit wods out of a straw at the minivan full of spit wod shooters, open the door while the cab is driving to knock over thevampires ( that must have followed you.), shoot a machine gun at E.T.s in a UFO cab and duck when they shoot their ray guns.

Resolution: Get back home, tell the cabbie "Smell you later." Sit on the couch and relax.