Title: DEGIPLEXIA; Battleboarder World

Degiplexia is a strange planet alone in outer space. It is mechanical. It is like a blocky  sphere of stairs (cliffs), where every time-period, it drastically shifts, enabling the character to travel up cliffs and sometimes down cliffs, into new sections of concrete-metal building-like terrain maze or be smashed to smitherines, if not properly traveled. Digiplexia is a SKATEBOARDER GAME, similar to Tony Hawk, however, the main character must collect items to wage war against enslavers/slave masters called "Fugoblashers", while beating the clock of the next "orbital-shift".Digiplexia is technically such a small planet, that it might be considered a satellite. It is still a giant world. WIth the planet's technology, the entire planet has one outer point of gravity (not at the center). That means if the player's character has traveled to the under-sphere (south pole), he must use magnet wheels as he rides and fights upside down.

The method: The player's character must start by learning rudimentary tricks. As he progresses,  tricks in special areas will unlock new tricks. A trick is the only way to fire a weapon. (instead of pressing x to "fire", the player might need to find a ramp, ride off of it and then press x to do a skateboard trick. A weapon attached to the bottom of the board, for example, can then be fired at the target, as part of the trick. The more he progresses through the game, the more complicated the enemies and weapons/tricks will be. If the player breaks his board, and has to walk, enemies called "oppressorrometors" are summoned, saying something like "Slave halt. You are in crimdolution violation of 456. Halt or you will be destroyed."  Dranisten must then run to a safe zone or boardshop.


  • Skateboard deck. Find it. store extras. There are 3 kinds of decks to use, one at a time. Light Armor Deck. Medium Armor Deck. Heavy Armor Deck.
  • Skateboard wheels. Put the board together. If it falls apart or gets blown up, build another.
  • Money. called "Dip danglers"
  • Parachutes.
  • Flashlights.
  • Clothing gear. Armor suits.
  • Battle enhancements. Speed. Ollie jump height. Force fields.
  • Cartobionical Chips. Regional virtual maps of Digiplexia may be viewed if the player finds them. They are plants that have been spliced with computer at seed, where it grows into a "flat screen leaf". They only last for a small period of time. The player has to find more if they have faded.
  • Battle-board bricks. They look like special flat boxes. They mount under the battle-board. They transform for split seconds to fire weapons. Only 1 battle-board brick can be mounted at one time. Some battle board bricks are defensive-battle-board-bricks
  • Glanter Dust. The player has to collect "Glanter Dust", an item found most places, that is used to charge the battle-board-brick weapon fire. Glanter Dust is a waste product of the floatships (sort of like spaceships) and robot commotion. Without enough glanter dust, the Battle-board bricks won't fire-activate.


The battleboarder has to be angled in a direction (direction button controller) and then a button activates a long stride "push". (skateboard push)

Autowheels- No push needed. Roll around without having to push however with autowheels on CAN DO NO TRICKS.

Autowheels2- Roll around, no push. Can "Ollie", 360' and grind

Autowheels3- Can do ALL TRICKS rolling.

That means there are 4 grades of wheels.  

Example*                     Cold Thermal Wheels-wheels not crack and break in snow

Cold Thermal Wheels (Do any acquired trick)

Cold Thermal Auto Wheels (No tricks)

Cold Thermal Auto2 Wheels   (Can do ollie, 360', grinds)

Cold Thermal Auto3 Wheels (Best)   (Do any acquired tricks )

Note* Player's character has to change out his wheels to do weapon-tricks appropriately.

 Other Wheels:

Magnet- Upside down (ceiling) boarding, grinds

Hot Thermal- wheels not melt in solar heat regions

Sticky- extra grip for uneven floors that turn into walls (not metal surface)

Floater- Extra aerial in gaps and ramp jumps, bigger ollie

Buoyancy- Puddles are no problem

Misc. Wheels- If the enemy blast-fire destroys the board-wheels, "misc. wheels" are good to pick up and store so that they can be thrown on, if that's all you got. They might have slightly more speed, traction or other attributes. Some wheel items are barely ride-able (Worn wheels, tattered wheels)....but the law is..."you gotta ride!"

Item-Storage: It's amazing how many things Dranisten can keep in his inventory-pack!

Deck Usage:  If the deck gets blown up.. a new one must be assembled to wheels.

Note* The skateboard wheel axle (truck) is as if it is indestructible and never needs to be stored. It's programmed invisibly with the wheels and decks. 

Battle-board Weapon Effects:

(Different types of weapons attach to the battle-board (BRICKS) so that when the player does a trick, the weapon fires.) 

  • Spring-loaded Dart Spray
  • Rocket launcher called "Pemestine Residuator"
  • Heat seeker nano bombs (grenades) that roll on the ground towards the enemy
  • Assault Rifle Burst
  • FIre Trail Leaker. A trail of fire can contain or kill the enemy.
  • Sword Ejector. A sword arm slides out 4 feet long and then retracts.
  • SNipe Scope Nose. THe player's character must be in a "blunt/nose stall position"
  • Bomb dropper. Ollie the gaps and drop the craps (bombs).
  • SOund wave wheels. THe player's character slides to a halt with special gear in 360s as a sound-weapon.
  • Orbital Spinning Hurricane. A large blast area weapon of seemingly invisible "nuclear science".
  • Tail gunner. Good for enemies at the rear, while racing or being chased.
  • Radial Shotgun burst
  • plus more

One battle-board-brick (weapon) might have many different types of firing-effects, as different tricks will change the weapon's assault-effect. 

IF an enemy is within firing range, and enough Glanter Dust has been collected, the Battle-board-brick automatically fires AT the target, when the trick is done. Some first person shooter weapons require aiming.


Current Battle-Board-Brick: Malugula Silvertek

Trick :     Ollie (jump)                                                     Weapon Effect: Radial Shotgun burst (short distance)

Trick:       Kickflip                                                           Weapon Effect: Orbital Spinning Hurricane  

Trick:      360' Aerial (off ramp or over building gaps)       Weapon Effect: Napalm Fire Tornado

Switch out the battle-board brick....

Current Battle-Board-Brick: Ortenagash's Furry

Trick:     Ollie (jump)                                                     Weapon Effect: Toxic Waste Ice Splash

Trick:     Kickflip                                                            Weapon Effect: Deploy skeleton Bird Avatar

Trick:     360'   Aerial (off ramp or over building gaps)   Weapon Effect:  Toxic Waste Icicle Spear Bombardment

Also, a few handheld weapons can be found. If the player's character has all of his decks blown up, and has to walk, the handheld weapons are his only defense/offense against enemies, and specifically oppresorometors, until he regains a board and wheel status. The handhelds have no ammo needed. They might be nearly the least fire power. Ray gun type of 3 power grades, according to later level findings.

 The Enemies:   Fugoblashers

  • Meridica Baniters- 
  • Lyzen Nocranators- 
  • Sanisticks- 
  • Peridrium OVerlords- 
  • Fanasheer Plenicans-
  • Pulmidian Groovers- 
  • Hanisofs- 
  • Frenter Guards- 
  • Leningfoots- 
  • Beziklers- 
  • Opressorometors- 
  • greyskinnermelts- 
  • Line Creser Enforcers- 
  • Mulk Rooters-
  • Kenestel Peridrium Operators- 
  • Pulmidian Operators- 
  • Chample Scathe Droids-  They are "bricks", rectangular blocks, that are stowed inside walls. (like concrete brick walls) They are pushed out of the wall and fall to the ground upon activation. They look like a strange head has popped up out of a rectangular box and is spitting sparks. 
  • Squinister Droids- 


The story:   A strange planet has been attacked and the innocent must fight back so that they will not die as slaves. The enslaver's rules for the innocent Digiplexia citizens is that only slaves on skateboards may be on the planet's surface. The main character, "Dranisten", the finder and owner of the magical-battle-board called "The Exegortin" (he keeps it in his locker, waiting for the final battle to use it. As the finder of it, he is the chosen one),  is the only hope the slave-citizens have against their dominators.  If Dranisten can succeed with his quests, destroy the enemies, survive the orbital shifts, then he may return Digiplexia back to prosperity.

Terrain: Some regions require different gear. Magnet wheels are needed on some terrains. Buoyancy wheels. Extra-tread wheels. Heavy wheels. Light wheels. Floater wheels.   The player's character (Dranisten) might say "Woah, these wheels aren't what I need." or "I need to switch the rollers on this bad boy."  As the slave-people are hiding in sickness, beneath the planet's surface, there are many sewers, tube-ways, trench-ways to find them, to act out quests. Since the planet has timed-orbital-shifts, a horizontal tube-way can drastically become a perpendicular pit, where an item like "the parachute" is needed.

The method: The player must start by learning rudimentary tricks. As he progresses,  tricks will unlock new tricks. A trick is the only way to fire a weapon. (instead of pressing x to "fire", the player might need to find a ramp, ride off of it and then press x to do a trick. A weapon attached to the bottom of the board, for example, is then  fired at the target, simultaneously with the trick.


The concept:   Digiplexia is a 1st person shooter, a Role Playing game and a skateboarding game that uses time limits and shifting-regions to progress, with lots of pick-up items and enemies.