Mak Screamer is the Jackolantern

The main character (Macs) is outraged by the quality of video games in his beloved town. The mayor made a deal with a foreign-big-company so that everybody's video games got pixely-er and pixely-er. The nemesis, a company called Mythatchbago Industry, promised to eventually rid all game-playing and all type of games from the town, at a town-convention-meeting, where afterward crime and chaos broke out amongst the spectators, hinting an oppressive "doom" in the town's future. 

Macs' cousin, "Jetison", a mentally challenged R/C car enthusiast and part-time employee at the r/c Car Race Track Center, has gone missing. He left a note that seemed as though someone else wrote it that said:

" I've been hired by Mythatchbago Inustries, Macs. If you love playing those games so much, you can have my PlayerBlaster video game collection. There's also a chess board in my mother's closet that you can have. It's time to make my life more Mythatchbago-rific.

Signed Your Cousin,

Jet "

Macs is the only one who knows that the mysterious monsters and aliens are actually Mythatchbago robots. He has to battle them while religious zealot citizens claim that the super-natural attacks are "because of everybody's sins." Instead of destroying the citizens like robots, Macs has to tranquilize them and/or place them under citizen's arrest.

Early Levels 1- Jet is missing. Go to the Sherrifs house  and find out that the sherrif is a robot... and someone stole his circuit breakers!!!! Gain equipment.  Chaos is breaking out and Macs needs to rescue his best friends (Jalice and Aslena) and escape to the mountains in either the Jeep or the convertible-truck 4x4.  Macs has to break into a strip-mall-office-building-center to see who stole his best friends' dad's vehicle and collector's edition antique pinball machine.

Macs can use face-masks to hide his identity. They have a scale of 1 to 10. The 10's are nearly unstoppable and the 1 only works sometimes at night. 


  • Get disguise equipment
  • Apply disguises. (Disguises evolve as levels get harder.)  Examples* Ski mask, "roll in the mud for skin disguise", life-cast masks, life-cast prosthetic suits  
  • Talk to the security gaurds of the buildings. (They're drunk. They're telling everybody that there are no more laws and all of the beloved games everyone owns are going to end up burnt in the trashcan fires.)
  • Choose option how to break into buildings. Avoid detection. Electronic Gate. Rope onto Roof. Use saw to cut. Smash door knob with brick. Cut down small-tree and use small-tree as battering ram. Wait for characters to leave and catch the door ajar. Clime through drainage ditch. Hide in Lawnmower-bag.  Hide in golf cart. etc.


Medium Levels 4- Macs needs a way to tell the difference between Zealot-Citizens and Robots that look exactly like them. The robots cut and spark out of the nets when net-captured.

  • Use non-lethal and lethal weapons on a slew of enemies. Macs is attacked by a stranger outside of a movie theater. Macs thinks it might have been Jetison.
  • Uncle Wodington's journal needs to be collected in the warehouse. It's under attack by small robots. Collect journal pieces. JOURNAL_   "When the lumber yard factory was threatened to be shut down by the "terrorists", as we called them, I remembered my great-great-grand-pappies special shotgun design. It was a completely non-metal shotgun, with non-metal firepower."   Next level collect pieces to make shotgun and ammo. Next level, simply build and assemble the weapon. Next level use non-metal shotgun on robots at outpost. The metal detector gates shouldn't be a problem. Wood butted/barrel rifle. Cock back coal-lit hammer. Shells are plastic cased. Filled with small rocks. "cap explosives" have  1 second delay fuzes. Don't forget, if you fire the non-metal shotgun too many times in a row, it will catch on fire. Once the "hammer coal" is lit, there is a time limit till it goes out.  
  • Mac : "I hope the grocery store isn't closed down from the rioting. I'm starving."               -Buy food with $7 budget.      In the parking lot, Macs hears yelps and shrieks.    A small family scrambles out of their automobile, as the automobile-seats appear to be thrashing their "arm-rests" at them. The family huddles in fear on the ground as the automobile-seats come to life, transforming into battle-robots. A small voice in Mac's mind says "Mac, you know what to do."      -Destroy 4 battle-robots. Watch out for their seatbelt whips and CD-Shirukens.                   Mac: "Looks like most of the automobiles in the parking lot are smashed to pieces. Sorry about that. Glad the psycho-droids are dismantled. I hope everybody has insurance."
  • Mac wins a battle against war melon. War melon becomes an honorable neutral and mac summons him to use war melons melee tech to open a giant hole in a wall of a mythatchbaygo store.

Fight Robots. Fight robots that are decorated as Monsters. Fight robots that are decorated as Aliens. Macs finds Jetison at work. Jetison gives Macs a needed robot-killer-electronic. It doesn't work.

 Fight. Mac's arch enemy is pink triangle o path. Ptop uses range and droid deploy weapons. Mythatchbago Industry. Jetison attacks Macs with Myothatchbago Ind. employees.Macs' aunt's house has been bulldozed by Myothatchbago Industries. Jet is Macs' prisoner. Build a prison. Add bounty hunted prisoners. Man meets Bloisha, a fellow refugee under attack fighting back. Bloisha and the screamer help each other defeat a series of quest missions. 

Last Levels- .Macs finds out that he is in the Matrix, a virtual reality world inside a computer! In the matrix, Macs finds that the threats of Mythatchbago Industry were derived from the omniprescent enemies called "The Legion of Anti-Prosperity".  Parachute off of the skyscraper onto other buildings.Parachute out of Mayor's private airplane into the "Golf course that was off the grids". The secret golf course has some type of secret-weapon-prototype.

Macs has to fight all types of sims to get:

  • The Phazer            (virtual reality computer remote-control)
  • The Unlimited MCC (Matrix Credit Card)
  • Phazer Application(s) (deleter, freezer, sleeper, controler, portal, ((simulated magic))
  • Finally Macs finds his own sim-girlfriend!
  • Macs wins free-range of his own CYBER-UNIVERSE!
  • THen it's not The End, Macs can interact with new Sims, all over the Cyber-Universe. Lot's of Simulated-Land.

Macs meets his "friend" in the matrix (like morpheus). Macs learns new mental matrix-weapons from meditation and concentration.

                       Super Natural powers:

  • Lazer bolt out of body
  • Poltergeist fighter deploy out of body 
 When a phazer portal opens up on a wall, a burn mark says the Sim-World I.D. (Macs has to chase Mythatchbago enemies through phazer portals to new sim-worlds and find them. They are probably usually hiding or attacking.

As the game progresses, Macs pick-ups The Jackolantern Suit. 

                                             Suit Features:

  • Sniper rifle inside leg of body armor suit. A camera under the suit's boot is used to target enemies and illuminates the screens of the vizor in the helmet. The bullets shoot out of the boot, with the barrel parallel to the leg.
  • .22 handgun rounds spray out of Macs' many micro-fastened riffle barrels around his suit. Each interior-mounted-pistol camera can be designated by the vizor helmet controls.
  • Parachute
  • Attachable weapons and tools (example* grappling hook and wood saw)
  •  super duper stuff!

                                           Things to deploy:

  • Scatter-Buggies. R/C cars that can climb onto trees, affix, provide suirvelance, have triggered projectiles and a robo-noose feature that slacks out a noose onto pedestrians, to pull their bodies up into the trees.
  • Heavy Popper Box. Mounted-handguns, with suirvelance cams and r/c triggers.
  • Light Popper Box. Mounted paintball guns, suirvelance R/C trigger. Poison balls. (The popper boxs have "blind internet" option, where it can be r/c fired, without video camera on. Float-Buggies can view the target from another angle and memory or graffitti could portray the trajectory line of the popper-shot.)
  • Decoys.Matrixtable life-cast balloon-droids with speakers, smoke bombs, lights, sounds.
  • Float-Buggies. Micro suirvelance hover-propelelr units with 1 mounted screw-in. (to mount cam on roof/wall)
  • Trash screamer. A floating vampire droid, r/c controlled, made of trash.
  • Jalice Note: " Mac, I deciphered the water-stained journal entry that your uncle wrote. It's for a match strike hammer rifle. I know you're too busy battling Mythatchbago mongrels so I made you a match-strike wood pistol, with 20 rock-round clips. It's under your bed. I hope you will be the champion with it.   Sign, Jalice"
  • non-metal shotgun
  • Baseball bat
  • Baseball bat with assault rifle core. Handle attaches to vest. Fires like a "Bazookah".
  • Sharpened Hockey stick
  • .22 handgun
  • Paintball gun with poison rounds, firebomb rounds, rock rounds, acid rounds
  • Glass beer bottle with a stick in it (AKA Shatter Club)
  • Shatter club filled with acid
  • Shatter club filled with explosive liquid
  • Net gun
  • Tazer
  • Tranq dart