Hack Knife 

Choose from a group of characters to :

  • Be homeless in interactive-public as a vigilante
  • Try to become a celebrity
  • Uncover mysteries about how the "entertainment-device-industry" is being attacked by robot crime sprees
Level 1-
(Video Segment) Burblok is a homeless man. He jumps into a dumpster that activates as an elevator, down underground where he meets Feodore.
Feodore: "What are you doing in my dumpster elevator?"
Burblok: 'Uh, where am I? Who are you?" I'm sorry. I'll leave."
Feodore: "My name is Feodore. You can call me  Feo."
Burblok: "How do I get out of here? Are you some type of alien? What is this place? An underground warehouse?"
Feo: "I'm not going to hurt you. Isn't it a strange place to be in a dumpster?"
Feo walks from the command center down the stairs of scalfolds and tosses a brick of cash to Burblok.
Burblok" "This is a lot. My name is Burbur, burbie."
Feo: "Burbie?"
Burblock: "Burblok. You can call me Blok."
Feo: "Blok, I want you to help me. If you're diligent, I can make you a celebrity. For now, I need a street promoter. A street guy."
Blok: "How are you going to do that? The city we're in is the right city for celebrities.
Feo: "Here. Take this file. Follow the instructions."

Interactive Option- Walk to destination; "Slicky's House". Glimpse file. Store file. 

(Video Segment) Talk to Slicky

(Interactive Option) Walk to first quest location. Complete quest.

  • Security guards, called "Society Guards",  are taking over the city as extra-neutral forces. Blok: "I think they are out of their jurisdiction." Blok must dodge or trick them.
  • PapaRats. Blok finds that his mysterious enemies are stalking him, filming an illegal reality tv show about him.
  • Look-a-likes.

Quests Places:
  • Blok must go to the residences of Feo's former friends (all film producers) to do interactive options.
  • at costume design shop store.
  • at internet cafe called "Grumbermill"
  • at clothing store called "Style of Fabulous"
  • 3 skyscrapers are "industry buildings"
  • Streets. Sidewalks, alleys are most dangerous. Graffiti areas are warnings. Be careful looking for items.
  • A movie theater  and homeless shelter are next door to one another. The homeless shelter is closed most of the game until it is broken into and re-opened. If Blok watches movies at the theater, he can learn new skills.
  • TV news station building needs to be invaded and commandeered.
  • Outdoor Rock concert event 
The Climax: Blok discovers that he is the one who is becoming a celebrity, however an army of look-a-likes threaten his success. Blok must help Cloverbeetle and Dubie make a tank-vehicle out of shopping-carts + painted cardboard to invade the tv news station.

Slicky's House- Blok's friend "Slicky", a fellow homeless man, has a camp under a freeway. Blok can store items there.
Cloverbeetle- is a homeless man acquaintance character that pushes a shopping cart and buys/sells things.
Dubie- is a homeless man summoned by Blok, as a weapon, who throws rotten food and trash at the target. Blok must pay $5 in advance.


Bikini-Bottom-Bow             Underwear elastic is bow and arrow.
Ciga-bolts. Pencils connected to lit cigarettes that start fires and act as a diversion.
Tazer-bolts. Shocking, stunning electric power.

Hot-Dog-Shooter      A paintball-gun-type rifle that shoots hot dogs.
Frozen hot dogs. Projectile force effect.
Thawed hot dogs. Diversion for guard dogs.

Lipstick-Bomb          They are small grenades that blind the enemy with make-up.

Frisbee            Somehow it stuns enemies.

Augmented VCR              It fires out VHS tapes.
VHS Tape. Blunt trauma.
VHS Tape Bomb. Tape rolls strung out in blast radius.