Title:   Mac Screamer 2

The sequel to game-46.  First Dialogue words "Nice to meet you." as Macs sets his battle helmet down, just after arriving through the portal from the end of Mac Screamer 1. His conversation begins and ends abruptly with a pink haired woman, surrounded by guards that have computer-keyboards stuck out of their chests, as if their skin grew around the keyboards and only some keys are visible. They are her guards as she is a princess of a world that Macs portal-ed into, unannounced.  

There is plenty of sarcasm. Macs finds himself, yet again, in a dilemma. After conquering twilight-zone-lazy-evil in Mac Screamer is the Jackolantern ( MacScreamer 1), Macs struggles in his new world of existence as he is aware that he is "in a virtual reality machine", as he calls it "not the physical world". Macs needs upgrades for his VRM Port Blaster, a device that controls his virtual worlds and protects him from "His rights being violated." From series of quests and mini games, Macs can upgrade his VRM Port Blaster to open world portals. Once portals are accessed, Macs can play and explore the brave exciting worlds, conquer and be rewarded plenty of interactive prizes. Once Macs beats all of the worlds, the worlds become Macs' free to roam space as weapons, sim-characters, items, places are unlocked and accessible for interactive exploration.

 in Batman's Gotham City         NOTE* If DC comics or anyone that owns "Batman" don't want to help me make this video-game, then I could change the world-names/themes to something less franchised.

Intro:       "The truth is... there's so much crime,... that there's no crime."

               "I have my own penthouse and plenty of loot to spend."

                 "I'm a CAR machine player."

                  "ANd I have entered Gotham City."


                "I'm not really a criminal. I'm sort of the third leg of Batman and Robin, but they don't know it yet. I just got here."


If the city is mostly quiet all day, the joker's junkies and criminal characters know to set up shop and stretch out in "their territory"." 


JOKER PILLS- The pills can be thrown into people's mouths or broken up and dissolved.

  • Laugh Laughs - too much laugh laughs and the giggling is out of control
  • Pearls- they paralyze any one who swallows them for about a day and a half
  • Angry Pills- either the testosterone or other hormones make the mind ferocious
  • Toxic Meds- they feel so good but you always want more and they make the sweat nauseating for others to smell
  • Hard as Tacts- there's about 60 minutes of haze time to take the anti-dote before a poisonous heart attack
  • Love Pills- they make the ingestor forget what happened, loss of memory, for the past 5 hours
  • Lemon Pills- they feel good but when taking too many, the ingestion completely changes the person's  personality
  • The pills can be dissolved into:
  • squirt guns
  • building water pipes
  • smoke bombs
  • darts

Some of the other head honchos (Scarecrow, Bane, etc.) have other stuff out there too. They send out weapon dealers, thugs, crazy men, crazy machines....

Here's how they operate:

                                      Since they're so rich from all the years of crime, they box up plenty of other cities with actors, con-men, killers, thieves... and make everybody think everything is fine and dandy, while they, (Batmans' arch-enemies), escape with the scams and stolen money. Everyone's the fool. What they don't know is:

"They should have never messed with Gotham!" and "Robin's got a new side-kick."

Mac Screamer in Batman's Gotham City is like a role playing game meets 1st person shooter where social elements, as well as action-fighting, are Mac's tools to control situations, to beat the level.

Level 1- Commissioner Gordon has alerted an effective "May-Day". All of Gotham's children population are to be evacuated and replaced with look-a-like robots. Facilitate the evac.

Level 2 - Be a detective to find where one of Joker's henchmen "Fulgo Wonters" is and paralyze him with a Pearl. A taste of his own medicine.

Level 3 - Shut down the illegal bus line. The criminals were using bus convoys to go back and forth to Gotham.

Level 5 - Robin gets kidnapped and Mac has to find him. 

Level 10- Batman gets seriously injured and Mac has to be his paramedic driver, back to his secret mansion.

    During, in between and after missions, Mac Screamer has the options to fully interact with Gotham City. Many female "Sims" are datable and can be taken on dates.  Mac lounges at his penthouse and the Gotham Hotel, restaurants, bars, plazas...etc. He might be strolling through the city in the middle of the night. He can blend in with thugs and henchmen easily if he has the right clothes.
    The city has it's limits, but inside most buildings, rooms are unlockable. Mac has to wait for some city-sections to be 100% criminal populations in order to use his "Jackolantern Tech" to spy on and attack angry mobs of criminals.
    The Jackolantern Tech Suit (Jack Tech Suit):
    It's like a pilot compression suit (astronaut suit), bullet proof, air conditioning, mechanical-pulley strengthened, parachute and lot's of gizmos.
    Gizmo 1- The back of the suit could have multiple "deflated" helium-droids to deploy inconspicuously. They are stacked onto the back. Mac needs to be standing still and operate the suit to inflate the helium-droids behind him. The droids release, standing there and can be radio controlled and operated, a safe distance away by Mac.
  • THE MALL OF AMAZEMENT AND INTRIGUE. It's a mall where Macs can shop, talk to sims, eat, hang out (lounge)
  • HORROR MOVIE WORLD. The base of the jumped-to world is a gigantic movie theater. From there, Macs can jump-into specific movies, conquer and escape with prizes.
  • World War 2 World. Macs' Grandpa fought in World War 2. There's something mysterious about some of the virtual-world-war-2-battlefields that Macs must drop-into.
  • Hawaii Hoodlum Hood. Bad neighborhoods that have bad neighbors. Plenty of action sequences. Max needs to repair the place and turn it back into a suburbia.
  • Celebrity-Houses. Macs needs to unlock their homes to go through their stuff.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the time travel of Europe. Macs needs to fight some creepy creatures and solve mysteries.
  • Other possible CAMEO worlds.....