MUTILATION NATION : T o r n  Appocalypse 


A re-animated boy without arms, emerges into an anti-utopian civilization to repair his damaged body, re-animate his family and restore their land.


In the million year future age of humanity, medical sciences are past impressive where the body can live immortally  missing parts, however the pain of incompleteness is a worthy ambition of a quest, as body parts are available with instant transplant surgeries like a robot-surgery vending machine for those that are rich or those who can find the parts.



An ancient military science experiment left escaped animal-cyborgs (ana-borgs) to overpower the world. The enemies are an overlord dictator malitia that scoffs at human misfortune as though it is a theatrical common experience, however they do coexist with eachother. The enemies are gangs of hybridized cybernetic animals, some  were surgically shrunken and can fit, even live, inside human bodies. They look like, animal-people, people, robots and animal-robots.


"Timmy", the hero, must collect body parts and tokens to buy more body parts. He can also trade and sell body parts to acquire real estate, supplies, vehicles and weapons.


The city is like a broken gotham filled with strange sorts of life. Street peddlers, vending machines, peasants paint the scene in the dark, moldy wasteland of metal city buildings and streets. Automobiles all have 1 wheel centered under the chassy called "Solobiles". Some solobiles are limos of the rich who come to the wasteland from the other city called "The Prince of Cities" to do illegal business.

Decommisioned ana-borg gangs sometimes attack the rich and often "extra-hands" are hired by the rich to combat the malicious gangs of anarchy. Sometimes it's for revenge.

Once Timmy is listed as a "revenger", he is at full scale war with the ana-borgs. In some sectors, he can hide and change his appearance. Since some of the rich are injust, he has the option to rob the criminal rich gaining points with local ana-borg gangs for amnesty, weapons and items. He can't fight them all at once.


  • Hounder.   It looks like a doverman pincher (dog) was cut in half and the head and abdomen were speared onto a rifle. It is a sonic weapon that barks out sonic damage.
  • Hounder Shot.  It's like a Hounder upgraded where as it sonic blasts, it also fires a shot gun shell. Although, the Hounder doesn't need to be upgraded, it merely needs to be loaded with found shot shells.
  • Kicker Legs. Close combat.
  • Pluto Bricks- Bombs that are like grenades that look like rectangular blue cubes.
  • C-Pluto Brick- Rectangular clear cube. Super duper explosive.
  • Stencher- It's like a toxic flame thrower without fire.
  • Projector. It's a vest that shoots handgun bullets out, triggered by squeezing of the stomach.
  • + More


If Timmy is harmed, he is slowed appropriately incopassitated until he acquires new parts for himself. If he is killed, he is re-animated to start over. If he has acquired a 'Storage Shack', his gear and found items will be waiting for him, dusty but just as fresh.

The more TImmy is damaged, the more body parts he looses. If Timmy loses 1 eye, then the screen is half screen. If he loses the other eye, that means that he is over damaged and he dies to restart.  If Timmy loses all of his limbs, he can summon his robot chariot that's like a wheelchair. Some weapons and actions require some or all limbs.  He needs to find photo-booth like machines called 'Surgicons' to attach his new body parts. There are a few Surgicaons in the city.


Timmy can find body parts that he already has or doesn't need. He can sell those. All limbs are guts are in cyboplastic bags. Timmy always restarts with 2 legs.

  • Legs. Walking, running, kicking, firing boot weapons.
  • Arms. Actions, firing weapons.
  • Hands. Throwing bombs, opening doors.
  • Lungs. Running.
  • Heart. Clear vision, strength. (Ex* "I can't use that weapon. It is too heavy. I need my heart".)
  • Liver. Body Part Regenerations (If a body part is damaged a little it won't fall off. There is a bodypart screen bar that regenerates over time.)
  • Pancreas. Ability to find extra items.
  • Eye. Seeing full screen.


Extra Items-

Solobile.   Some buildings are only accessable through the parking structures.

HeloChariot.  Helicopter robotic wheelchair

Ammo Facility Real Estate.  Set factory to produce ammo.

Storage Shack Real Estate.

X-Ray Vision cam. CYborg eye to see enemies behind walls.

Portable Surgicizer- Timmy can repair/attach wherever he is. A little robot climbs over him and attaches the part.



As Timmy collects extra needed parts, he can add them to his family's dead bodies to reanimate them. The relatives are in Different parts of the city in different "Coma-Dorms".  They usually wake up and give him a reward.



Unlike his family, Timmy has an "anicorn plated skull and spine" that makes him stronger and re-animatable while missing some of his missing parts.  (Everyone else needs all of their parts to wake up!) His family saved up their money for the Anicorn Plates for Timmy before "The Greatest War" was  'prophesized to eradicate all humans'. The ana-borg astronauts laid to rest the bodies of the innocent civilians into the Coma-Dorms after the onslaught.They knew it would be atleast 10 years before electric power was recharged in the city systems and any human could awake from the Coma-Dorms. The ana-borgs were not sure but they thought that illegal ana-borgs ate the guts and limbs from many of the Coma-Dorm inhabitants. It is against ana-borg law to eat human. The supply ships rained body parts for human re-animation for months, scattering supplies. Timmy's Coma-Dorm was the first of the city to arrise but it appears that "the other city"  as he calls it (The Prince of Cities),  was awakened, already, years before....   and the truce of greed, duty and ana-borg hunger have mixed unneatly with the rich-awakeners and the ana-borg gangs.


(So it's like the dude wakes up and is like "Dude, what happened?" Then he's walking around talking to fellow peasants who reveal the stories of what happened and about the Prince of Cities. Then he's getting shot at by a creepy animal-person and finding stuff. Then he's reminding himself about his family and finds a register of where they are "asleep".  And he continues fighting and searching. ect.)



The terrain of the city buildings and streets is extremely interactive. Every door is open-able, sometimes locked. Thousands of rooms, lots of bonuses!