'Gangsters Of Chaos'


A game similar to*Diablo/Torchlight and Grand Theft Auto, Command and Conquer*. 

The world is set in modern post-apocalyptic metropolis, cities, towns, suburban/rural areas. The world has been crushed and spitted out by crime and government-failure and the survivors struggle to remain safe and casual in their neighborhoods... 

......while devastation, crime sprees and mob-militia warfare take place.

Choose character:

  • Gangster
  • Trucker
  • Babe
  • Off-Duty Rebel Cop

Elements comparable to Diablo-Game type play:

Safety Base Town (Store, Buy, Sell, Talk) = Neighborhood

Identity scroll= catalog check

Town Portal = Taxi

Mana= Luck

Health = Food

                         Spells= Skills

  1. ATM dysfunction- cash sprays, enemies take time to pick it up
  2. Summon Guard dog
  3. Pigeon attack- pigeons swarm enemies
  4. Sprinkler attack
  5. Enemy cell phone explosion in pocket
  6. trip wires
  7. oil spills
  8. Throw basketballs
  9. gas bombs
  10. net throw
  11. steal car
  12. pick lock
  13. wire car to explode
  14. graffiti spray paint- to ward off enemies
  15. call gang members



  • Health
  • Strength
  • Attractiveness- more attractive, the more pick-ups
  • speed


  • Dirty, Raggy, New, Designer, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Encrusted, Auto-graphed
  • Autographed items are special


  • Hockey helmet/pads, football, construction helmet, jeans, leather, motorcycle gear, bullet proof vest, hat, beanie, clothes..
  • Rubber face masks can be worn to look like area terrorists.


  • Crowbar, tazer, paintball gun, baseball bat, sling shot, handgun, golf club, stick, knife, machine gun (over heats and runs out of ammo, temporary) misc.

Cash can be used to buy Gang members, items and special things in "THE NEIGHBORHOOD".

The gameplay is in 3 formats:

  • 1st person.
  • Strategic Overview *similar to command and conquer, field commander*
  • overhead action *similar to Diablo*
The player must travel hood to hood (neighborhood, city) through a strategic overview battlezone. Once the player's character is in the next hood, the player can control the character in Overhead action and then option to zoom in to first person.       VEHICLES OF STRATEGIC OVERVIEW GAMEPLAY:
  • Attack Limo. Machine Gun, Carrier APC, Anti-Aircraft sun roof
  • Lowrider Bomber. Grenade launcher
  • Armored Semi- Carry APC, mine layer
  • Armored Truck. Tank cannon.
  • Chopper Cycle. Machine gun.
  • Tinted Sedan. Rocket launcher.
  • Gangster Van. Proximity bombs and sound wave cannon.
  • Tow Truck. Mechanic, supply and tow. If any vehicle is shutdown/attacked, there is at least one round to tow the vehicle out of the battlezone to repair it. 

If there are structures found in Overview gameplay, if the guards are destroyed on the roof, the player can control his character to enter the building in "First person View Gameplay" to fight remaining enemies in building.

The player's character gang is called Heroes for Hire. They can ally with one gang in each hood. The ally-gang selection decides what the quests/gameplay will entail, in the specific hood. Rival gangs of the ally gang will pose problems. 

Gameplay Transition Example*
Level 1- Interactive walkaround city/neighborhood
Level 2- Overhead highway/road/field war (Strategic Overview)
Level 3- Interactive walkaround city/neighborhood
Level 4- Overhead highway/road/field war (Strategic Overview)
Level 5- Interactive walkaround
Level 6- Etc.