Herbert Stinklefoot is the coolest student at Robotica International University. He needs money to buy droid parts. He has to pack his backpack and explore sewers, caves, cemeteries, abandoned buildings and dangerous fields to collect valuable droid parts and other valuables. Back at school, what he calls Droid Base, he is able to upgrade his droids, compete with other students, earn his dream droid girlfriend and when Chaos hits the campus, he can use his droids to defend himself. Eventually, his droids earn him enough money to buy his own apartment he calls "the layer". From there,he knows his robotics firm specializing in workers and even private-investigator-bodygaurd-suirvellance droids will get him his very own mansion.

Ways Herbie's droids makes money:

  • Crime fighting
  • Cleaning/sweeping
  • Gold digging
  • Deliveries
  • Plant watering
  • Farming
  • Product fabricating
  • Door to door sales

To make pet droids, herbie needs parts. To sell pet droids herbie needs a salesman droid and a delivery droid.

Ways Herbie makes money:

  • Finding money/valuables
  • selling droids
  • winning school competitions
  • renting out his droids for work

His nemesis is a student from a different school named Strake Rombo. Strake tries to steal, brake, tamper and fight with herbie's droids. Strake suggests that Herbie's headmaster might get replaced by a humanoid droid to take over his school. Strake might be working his very own droid goblin militia to unleash on Herbie and his innocent classmates.


  • R.I.U.
  • Malumpa City Exterior (streets)
  • Wastelands (sewers, caves, ect.)
  • Malumpa buildings Interiors (including Herbie's Mom's house, Herbie's Apt, mansion, ect.)

"Herbie your mouse droid caught a purse snatcher on video! Here's $5."

Herbie can buy:

  • Batteries
  • Parts
  • Choose Apt
  • Choose mansion
  • sign advertisements