Title: Nesarepia 


                                                                            A one winged angel type man creature must battle past enemies,

                in this monumental first person shooter.       

                  Hero Name: Farquestites     (    "Farker"

His wing is used as his shield, flapping over and around him. If he is hit, he looses feathers. Instead of gathering health, the one-winged angel collects time clocks that are called safety of rest(s). SOR's gives his wing time to regrow, instantly. Otherwise, it takes 5 minutes of no or slow moving to regrow the feathers back to full health, without pesky enemy attacks! 

Throughout the game, the direction is downward a canyon of dwellings, towards a city called Nesarepia. He can't go up, only down from floor to floor, unlocking passages towards the gigantic city's epicentre.

Throughout the levels, his wing changes from white feathers to black feathers, to red feathers and to gold metal feathers, when he finds the right stuff.

His Enemies: Wooden robots,  skeleton birds with bird cages bent around them - as though they grew out of them, Roman-type soldiers without eyes (Spear, tunic, catapult), Egyptian style bird and fish headed monsters and more!  


Once enemies are knocked out of the catapult positions, Farker can use it! 

 His Goal: To destroy the enemies.       and

 Smash the pillars and statutes, so that the enemies may not enter the battlefield from the rear;  as Farker gets closer and closer to Nesarepia.


His Weapons:  A one handed rock thrower, sling shot, on his arm

A lazer from an amulet

A Magic staff

Weapon of the Time Machine - In one of the levels, farker finds a time machine room. He activates it and an M4 assault rifle appears for his use.

Catapult bombs

 White Feathers: Faster running, slight intermittent floating.

Black Feathers: white power plus Shield

Red Feathers: black power plus Parachute

Orange Feathers: red power plus Stronger Shield

Gold Metal Feathers: orange power plus when feathers fall off, they turn into auto-deployed avatars.

                         Farker's friend. "Lifter" is an owl.

 The Theme: Fallen world, marble rubble, waterfall fountains, mystical cloudy sunny horizon, barrenness and then green plants, desperation with apparent hope.


The second to last level, the hero beats the main enemy and he gets..... his other wing!   With both of his wings, he can fly back up through the past levels, unlock things and defeating the last big boss at the top.  Then he can fly off to his heavenly realm, where he belongs.