Vampiric Extra Terrestrial Invasion 

STORY:  1800's, Europe is inhabited by People and Vampires in their private territories. Both territories are at war and invaded by a mutual enemy, Extra-Terrestrials. The e.t.s have similar technology, weapons, eat people and wish to hybridize-mate with women. A vast castle territory is reined by a specific culture that are vampires. They claim that they travel far across the ocean to bring back slave prisoners to drink their blood. The vampires and the European citizens have been segregated for 100's of years until the extra-terrestrial invasion. The player has to keep his wits while mingling with city goers, vampires and everyone that is turned up side down by the war. Some vampires wield super-natural powers amulets and items. The e.t. enemies drop down from the sky like locusts, with balloons that match their alien naked skin.

HERO: An American is invited to the war-torn regions to battle the enemies! Some vampires are friends, and some are blood-thirsty. All e.t.s are blood-thirsty.