Title:  Supply and Demon


Dwerk is the name of the town-handyman who works on the farm in the 1920s

Word of war from across the seas has been troubling the many parts of the land and now Dwerk finds himself under attack from demons that are terrorizing the town and destroying the farms.

 Dwerk has to fight them and repair what he can as he goes.


Level 1- Farms

Level 2- Drive a delivery truck to neighbor town in need of supplies.


The demons were sent by their warlord master who knows that the people's strength is in their supplies. 


"Dwerk, please protect my grandfather's corn-crop. It's all we got!" says the damsel.


The demons hide in strange things like crates and sing songs and dance when sprung, while throwing deadly rocks from the ground.


Some of the people get their supplies mixed up. They are like; "No. We didn't order these coffins! We wanted lumber and new cloth to sew dresses. Oh, No, there are vampires in the coffins! Help us Dwerk."




  • Demon Gel - Dwerk can smear this creepy, smushy mud on himself so that the demons mistake him for one of them and do not attack.