Pre-story: When the Fluttermen Agency was founded, after their first mission, a little girl was saved and when the press interviewed her about who saved the day, she claimed that a group of birds landed to fight the bad guys. Gerinald C. Flutter was the commander of the experimental squad, called Fluttermen, who later coined the phrase, calling  themselves "Flutterbirds".

High tech men in suits, with 2 helicopter disks on their shoulders, need to attack cities that have been taken over by criminal mafia invaders. The fluttermen can float onto rooftops, off bridges and over cars.

Their Mission:      To re-secure every single building in the city. If the door is unlocked, they can walk in quietly. If the door is locked, they can break the lock, but there's going to be trouble. If there's an alarm, they have 30 seconds till enemy contact. From rooftops, they can use drill cameras, deploy small rc robots, cut through the roof with saws, glass cutters, wood saw, spy on occupants, breach building with strategic teammates. 

Capture all enemies. Flag every building.


The enemies:

Brutes in civilian costumes

Hostage Holders


Baby Robots

Mutant Cyborg Attack Wolves

Street Guards in Fast Food Costumes

Building Guards in Suit and Body Armor Costumes

Far away catapults launch gear, weapons, ammo and health found in the levels on the ground and on the roofs.

Some sewers can be accessed by using bolt cutters as a crow bar.

The enemy CGPs patrol vicinity, hold and guard buildings, and respond to alarms or loud noises.

Each level has a certain amount of enemies. When they are all captured and flags are up, the level is won. The faster the player beats the level, the higher the amount of hostages are rescued. The amount of hostages rescued equals the amount of fluttermen CGP teammates are on the last level, an all out war.

When the enemy gets cuffed, it shocks them as they walk and stumble in the right direction until they are inside the Cage Trucks. If the enemy are unconscious, other fluttermen will gather them.


The fluttermen discover that the leaders of the enemy henchmen are actually dogs, with surgeries, in robotic cybernetic humanoid suits, designed by evil foreign scientists, influenced by extra-terrestrials.

There are 2 teams that comprise Flutterbirds. They specialize in varieties of missions. Sometimes one team needs to bail the other team out.    Their code-names:

  • Angel-Father.
  • Mountain-Son.
"Angel-Father Leader, this is Mountain-Son Rooftop. We need a sidewalk corner visual of 5, repeat 5, armored fighters. Do you read me?!"


                         Walk/Run speed

less than 20 lbs. carry -  fastest

20-33 lbs.    -   fast

34-44 lbs.   -    medium

45- 64 lbs.   -   slow

65-75 lbs.   -     slowest

Fluttermen can fly with 30 lbs. gear.

Fluttermen can slow descend with 45 lbs. gear.

Fluttermen can grapple-hook with 30 lbs. onto roof.

Fluttermen can grapple-hook+fly-propeller with 40lbs. onto roof.

Carry Capacity:

Ammo= 5 - 20 lbs.

Gadget= 2 - 15 lbs.

Armor= 5 - 20 lbs.

Weapon= 5-25 lbs.

Their Weapons:

Net Gun

Tranquil Dart Pistol

Tranquil Dart Rifle

Explosive Crossbow

Rc Robot Tranquil Bomb

Rc Robot Laser

Taser Round Rifle

 Their Gear: Instead of a menu screen, the player accesses a virtual-room called "Fluttermen Armory" to pick out all needed gear to use for the level.

Magnet cuffs- the cuffs pull targets to the cage trucks once the cuffs are tossed at the target.

Cams- Player can deploy cams and monitor vicinity.

Invisible TV Screen Suit

Invisible Spray Paint- Communicates with teammates, only visible on special cameras


Bolt Cutters

Grappling-Hook Vest.

Lock Picker

Flutter Bats (Batteries)

Cam Bats

Armor Suit

Paint Cam Chip- For seeing invisible paint

Gas Cam Chip- for seeing hazardous gas

Ambient Cam Chip- Night Vision

Rc Robot Costumes-

  • Rat
  • Baseball
  • Trash

                           So that the enemy CGPs say "Look, there's a rat." or "Who's throwing baseballs?" instead of "Droid! Droid! Hit the alarm!"

The fluttermen can find items/gear. Some of the gear is booby trapped and explodes. An item called a gear-scanner can be used to scan "suspicious found gear".

The less gear that the flutterment carry, the faster they run. They can leave gear on the ground if they expect to find more. 

If the fluttermen find enemy walkie-talkies, they can use it to trick the enemy into position. The fluttermen might need a code-word to accomplish the trick, depending on the level.


The player can un-lock levels to play as the fluttermen's enemy, "Evilcide."  

Some New weapons:

  • Shoe clips. Bombs in the shape of a boot tread unleash to leave a land mine in step.
  • Walkie-Talkie Bombs. They look as though they are walkie-talkies. Don't push the button or they will explode.

The fluttermen team of CGPs and the player will spread out in the city. The CGPs fight the enemy CGPs timely and when a fluttermen dies, the player might see the teammate's head hung low, while the shoulder-copter blades carry it's dead body, past him up into the sky, back to base.

Nearly everything in the terrain map is interactive. When a building is re-secured, a flag droid is put on the roof.

Level 1.

"Fluttermen, assemble. We have a situation. A group of Snipers murdered an entire neighborhood. They threw all of the dead-bodies in the dumpsters and trashcans. They have a second component to their plan. They are deploying a dump truck to the housing sites to pick up and hide the dead-bodies. We need that evidence. Secure as many bio-hazard dumpsters and trashcan containers as soon as possible. Neutralize the murderous-threat of snipers. Roof breach is mandatory. Hit the sky. Go! GO! GO!"