Title: Globe Strand

In this epic end-of-the-world sci fi game, the player must control characters to save the world!

Story: Intense magma drilling has popped the Earth's magno core, causing the planet to stop revolving. One lateral hemisphere is frozen solid, the other is blistering hot. A center line of land is all that is inhabitable for the humans, located directly between both hemispheres. 37 years past since the drilling accident, the survivors at the cusp managed to remain alive, however much ocean and little land forced survivors into the heated land. A child born on the day that the drilling accident happened was named "Shadekill". As the nemesis, Shadekill attacked and collapsed all shade dens, which were radiation protectors for growing food plants. Shadekill was the only owner of shade dens, as he had a monopoly of power. A team of survivors must venture to the drill site in the frozen sector to restart the planet's revolution and save the world. Slews of enemies are in the frozen lands, hot lands. They are vicious mutant monsters. At the hottest center point of the hot land, in the ocean, the sun causes continuous storms from atmosphere physics. At that point there is a giant tornado. The constant tornado has been adorned a large sphere habitat, built by a scientist. The team must get there first to find the drill site on the other side of the world.