Title:    Booty Up

                                    Adult game, similar to "Diablo, Torchlight" Role Playing Game.

Set in Medieval times, this pornographic fantasy game, allows adult players a borderline-comical play of fighting as nude characters.

The story: "The Princess of Nude" has been damned by a wizard, who has sewn 18 articles of clothing onto her. A male and female team must quest to retrieve 18 magical blades. Each blade is used to cut the sewn yard of cloth to free the princess of clothing torment. "I'm hot. I'm so hot!!" she says in misery. The male and female hero fight ugly henchmen and make friends along the way. The henchmen throw clothing curses onto them and the male and female heroes must battle time to get the clothes off. A whip and leather pillow are weapons that they use to smite the henchmen.

Friends along the way: As other Citizens of Nude are free among the land, as they are encountered, the player may ask them to bend over, turn around and view the nooks and crannies of their naked bodies. Friends along the way vary in all ethnicity and types.