Title:    Samtinion of Shatter Drop

                                  A fantasy first person action story with automatic attack

Samtinion, the palace castle's groundskeeper, accidentally dropped a magical glass vase. It shattered and he clumsily swept it into a rag and threw it away in the trash. A royal eagle of trashduty flew away in the sky with the trash dump in its grasp. The queen was exhilarated with haste to punish Samtinion. "You foolish man. Your Father's villa was  from 100 years of work in this castle. How did you ever expect to earn respect of the royal commitees? You will be killed. That vase was my 14th favorite magical item. Did you not know that the castle's perimeters have all seeing eyes?" Samtinion was rushed by the Queen's guards. As a dagger, a small sword, a large sword, 3 axes were pressed into Samtinion's foolish body a crossbow spun through the air and sliced into Samtinion. At the moment of what Samtinion though to be his death, a shattered piece of the magical vase was glowing, lodged in the skin of his hand. "A piece of the magic vase must have been in your vein. You must go. The weapons lodged inside you, similar to a pin cushion, is your curse. If you find all of the pieces of the magical vase, your luck may allow you to return to the safety of the castle lands. Begone. Do not forget, you have outraged the Queen."

Samtinion begins his journey. 7 weapons are stuck inside him. To use them, he must quest a method to release by one.

The first game where the hero has all weapons of game-play-use, stuck inside and sticking out of his body. The first and only. (If not only, implies copyright lawsuit. Haha)

  • Recover the 20 shards of magic vase.
  • obtain items.
  • defeat bosses of territory.
  • release each weapon for accumulative damage use. Dagger, Axe, Sword, Slay Axe, Long Sword, Crossbow, Legion Axe.

Level up is per story increment. When Samtinion releases a new weapon, the old weapon that he was using is left at place of release.


  • Boots, Helmet, Jewelry, Heal Blankets, Net.
  • All items must be washed before being worn or traded. Well, stream, barrel, fountain.
  • No weapons to use in inventory.


  • Heal Blanket. It is shrouded on the body to rejuvenate to full health.
  • Net. It is used in pacify capture quests. 
  • Shields. 2 categories. One handed and No handed. No handed shields have 2 loops that the forearm goes through.
  • Trade items. Currency is not used. All trade-able items are traded for other items.
  • Quest items.


  • Wagon Dealer. To purchase a wagon for travel and fight.
  • Cart Mart. Trade.
  • Medieval Junkyard. Stone and wood. Wagon wheels, items, broken wooden tables, etc.
  • Battle ground roads. Roads through various scenery are fought past enemies.
  • Battle grounds. Where bosses and enemies thrive until they die.

GamePlay Intro:

  1. Castle Intro
  2. Samtinion travels to the Medieval Junkyard. There the keeper suggests that he visit the wizard's hut in the woods.
  3. Wizard Hut. The wizard releases the first weapon, the dagger.
  4. Medieval Junkyard. The keeper suggests that the bag of magic glass shards are gone. He touches the shard in Samtinion's hand to a magical device. The device is a magic shard scanner that allows Samtinion a map to find the shards.
  5. Castle Roads Out. Samtinion follows the road out. He encounters 6 legged alligators that are slayed past. SAMTINION LEVELS UP TO LEVEL 2!

Health: As soon as Samtinion is attacked, the health bar begins to deplete. Depending on how powerful the damage was done to him is decides the rate of depletion. The strategy of the Heal Blanket use is to use it when the Health Gauge is low.