Title: Hawaii Bridge:2099

In the near future, a gigantic bridge was constructed  between Hawaii and California. At the ceremony of it's final completion, chaos erupted as Antartican terrorists overcame the beaches, island and then the entire bridge.
In 3 stages, the hero must overtake the first half of the bridge, the last half of the bridge and finally, the islands. The leader of the terrorists is presumed to be a long lost fugitive.

Walk on the bridge! Walk under the bridge! Drive on the bridge! Fly above the bridge. Jump off the side of the bridge. Scuba dive! Ride a boat along the bridge! Get to that island!!!!!

Boss Story:
Ardrenius Rake is the mad man of the 20 year old story. It was said the he alone, was released from jail, traveled to a mountain cabin and from there, murdered thousands of people in a trail of suckerpunches into the city that became an abandoned city named "Canco Retrofit Weighport". The dead bodies were said to be folded into suitcases and littered at the roads, hidden in the houses, in the bushes, in the buildings, in the sewer systems, attics, forests ,secret passages  and places that no one thought to look. Adrenius Rake was believed to be still at large, hiding somewhere in the abandoned city, but due to a law called "Parkolac Law", the dangers too great provided boarding up the attacked city, instead of risking more life to save it. Years later, evidence arose that Rake was assuming power on the intercontinental bridge.

Hero Story: Sleek Manner is the name of a young man who has been elected to correspond investigations into the boarded 20 year abandoned city. He will uncover bodies, items and put together clues about what happened, where Rake is and if Rake is still alive. Sleek needs as much information advantages to save countless lives of "waterfront soldiers" who are attempting to overtake the terror hostage battle zones. If Sleek, the counter-terrorist-negotiator/detective can piece the clues back together from the 20 year old mountain murders, Sleek can empower the emergency forces at the bridge war.

GamePlay: Levels flip from 'bridge warfare' to 'survival mystery', until Sleek arrives at the re-captured bridge mass to counter-invade the island.