Title: The Princess of No Reward 

Calnira, a brown latina,  is the name of the female-warrior who has been granted the opportunity to battle throughout the land to become princess. Her father, the King of No Reward, has 980 children, whom are most of the population of No Reward. To compete with her hundreds of siblings, it is her greatest honor, to be...the only princess.

Each stage is 6 levels. At the conclusion of each stage an imprisoned character of the battlezone is freed and Calnira gains new options.

Stage 1.           "Soruki", an African male character is freed.                Gain Attack 2

Stage 2.           "Klosh", an Anglo-Caucasian male character is freed.  Gain Weapons for                                                                                                                                  sale

Stage 3.             "Bigona", an Asian female character is freed.                  Gain attack 3

Stage 4.               "Stanzenech", an Arabic male character is freed.            Gain Kingdom!

Calnira has 2 pig tails where there, she attaches weapons to her hair and attacks. She attacks various enemies using only the weapons that are in her hair!