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Title:          Salvage: ScaryBrooks 


The story: A young woman inherits her Uncle's business in a place called "Salvage". The locals refer to the town as "ScaryBrooks". It's a small town that has sections that tried to be a big city. It's rundown and the stranger-locals that want to become her friend explain that 20 years ago, criminals held the town hostage. The criminals built a look a like town a few miles away and called it Salvage. All of the police are gone from Scarybrooks but the locals have some rules.


  • Don't break into anybody's stuff.
  • Don't do anything to anybody that you don't want to have done to you.
  • Don't feed the crows.
  • Don't drink from the irrigation canal fountain.
  • Don't go on the internet.

She speaks to one of the citizens that knew her Uncle owned the shop  

Neighbor D: "Before your Uncle went on his mysterious vacation, never to return to Scarybrooks, after the last of the police were arrested by the Scarybrooks citizens, a millionaire moved into town and helped de-criminalize the town by paying Scrarybrook citizen's debts and returning the town to a somewhat-normal place, with towns and shops. That was about 2 years ago. There weren't many questions asked after that, but everybody knew that the gangs were trying to be part of something, that everyone could look forward to in the future. A crime free town, where everybody had a dollar."

Abandon Town Neighborhood:

Mallie finds a short winding road to a neighborhood of 20 houses near a creek, with a bridge. There are 2 houses that can be opened without items. Once those houses are explored, accumulative items allow all of the houses to be explored. Some houses are furnished, some damaged and some empty. There are 3 houses that contain single monsters that chase Mallie until she combats them. There are 2 houses that have small groups of monsters. There are secret passages in some of the houses. An electric room under the bridge at the creek allows Mallie to turn the neighborhood electricity on. That is when the bad things come. The bad things are hideous monsters, many of which resemble deformed dogs or mutant dogs.

Items found in the Abandoned Town Neighborhood  houses are: (in houses and along street, alley, creek)

  • Keys. A key might have the last 2 numbers of the address on it because the first two were scratched off. Or a symbol on the key may resemble the house.
  • Tools.
  • Weapons.
  • Mystery evidence. Some of the houses have old computers and decorated bedrooms. The evidence suggests that "internet social network websites" were visited. The internet-social-network-website (email, pictures, information, addresses) seems to have been what demented serial killers or mad-men used to stalk, kill and/or deform the neighborhood towns. Mallie needs to learn what the website was called and gather information about it to reveal the mystery.
  • Ammo.
  • Clothes.
  • Action items. Action items are items that are used to cause a reaction. For example, a box of rotting food can be used to lure a wild dog away from the door, or a light socket cord can be used to open an electric garage door.


  • Mallie moved to Scary Brooks. Creepy but functioning town with neighbors. (Base)
  • The abandoned neighborhood is a prerequisite to entering salvage. Referred to as "old secret neighborhood". No normal human inhabitants. (one secret passage to Salvage)
  • The abandoned town near Scary Brooks is called "Salvage". There is where there are old abandoned government buildings and some old apartments and private properties, including warehouse, gas station, post office, parks recreation office, offices. No normal human inhabitants.


Wild dogs, animals, monsters. There are people that act strange to her. She finds out that they are people that are "cut in half" and facing her with the side of their body that they have. Worms wiggle out of the other side. Some of them are embarrassed and aren't sure what happened to them. There are plenty of ground-enemies, large enemies, fast enemies, slow enemies and enemies that hide in shadows. Hideous mutants.

Mallie uses her cell phone to call friends to help her. When they encounter enemies and new enemies, one of the friends asks her " What is that? What the heck is that!?" The screen pauses and the player controls a alphabet-screen to name the enemies!

Mallie says: "It's a Rewosa!" Oh my gosh get the weapons!!!! We must kill that ugly little thing before it kills us! Like oh my gosh!" 


  • She has options to rent one of three apartments.
  • She has options to buy one of 4 cell phones.
  • She has options to be friends with peers. Some of them are excited that she owns one of the businesses. Some are enemies that deceive her. Some are good team mates.
  •  She has options to grocery shop, restaurant or eat out of the fridge.

Scary Brooks, Abandoned neighborhood and Salvage INTERACTIONS:
  • Find items. Use items
  • Use weapons.
  • Fight enemies
  • Solve riddles using clues resulting in story information, travel passage, and/or item obtainment.


  • Where did the Uncle go? There are secret passages in the shop that lead to new mysteries. 
  • Why do the people shop at the store? Some are strange looking. Some seem normal.
  • Why is the dirt-road considered the "Bermuda triangle road"?
  • Some of the tenants of houses yell at her from the window "Help, help. Please come inside and help me!"
  • Why do none of the birds chirp?

Game Play:

  1. Mallie travels to Scary Brooks. (intro)
  2. Mallie explores Scary Brooks.
  3. Mallie explores Abandoned neighborhood.
  4. Mallie explores Salvage.
  5. Monsters painted all houses in Abandoned neighborhood as they regrouped to fight (extra locked-unlocks).
  6. Monsters painted all buildings in Scary Brooks as they regrouped to fight (extra-locked-unlocks). (Final)

 If "Maladusa", AKA "Mallie" (main character heroin) can survive the insidious creatures, survive the deceptive characters and solve the mysteries, she can find out where her Uncle is so that she can know that he is safe.