Title:        N. Dove Wake

A world of fantasy and mythology collide with future and modern worlds.

A small house rests on a road called North Dove (N. Dove) among a vast flat field and an orchard. 3 brothers live in the house.

  • "Bradranium" the youngest. He has no friends. Most enemy fighting.
  • "Cawlser" Middle brother. He has a girlfriend named Romaniana. Their love was like soda pop and pop rocks.
  • "Berk" Oldest brother. He has plenty of friends that are like a gang.

An abandoned Air-Hangar resides past the field. In it are old automobiles, planes, an old parade float that looks like a griffin and other antiques.

The player plays as one of the three brothers, one at a time to travel to a magical world.

Things to collect:

  • Glass lemon jelly jars. If the player finds a glass jar, he can set it in the field. When it rains, if the jars fill with rain water, they can be used as magic.
  • 50 cent coins. They can be put in the jars for magic.
  • Animals. When animals are collected, they can be released at the N. Dove farm for effects/quests/magic/movie-segments.
  • Missing machine parts. To make farm and magic machines and vehicles run.

Drabranius begins by wandering the field with a few of his toys. He encounters a rattlesnake. He has an option to kill it with a rock or a stick. Once he wins, a brother appears to carry the dead snake back to the house. They boys put it in a jar, along the road. A stranger man that claims he knew their father arrives and offers them different items for the snake-jar. The player can option to trade or he can decide to not-trade. Each option, including the not-trade, causes a different gameplay chronology. The air-hangar's motorized-fan-on the roof turns on. The boys find the air-hangar unlocked and enter.  

The field seems endless. It's so big that the edge of it is fog. The boys select vehicles to explore the edge of the field and arrive in magical places and scenarios. 

The Enemy: "Wake" is a cruel wealthy son of a farmer who has 14 witches as wives. He claims that the boys stole his items. Wake deploys enemies in their path. They must destroy his curse or they will be cursed themselves.